Potential Distracted Driving Presentations…UPDATES (3/7/2017)

UPDATE (3/7/2017)

Yes the ball is rolling – a bit quicker now ūüėȬ† I have spoken at over 20 Rotary Clubs and have another 12 scheduled in the coming months.¬† I am proud to say that I am scheduled to speak at Rotary ONE and Rotary Chicago – Financial District.¬† I have linked up with Think First where I speak at local high schools about the importance of good decision making as a high school student.¬† I have branched off and spoken for another large company, UPS, at their Driver Safety Conference and also begun to speak at Chambers of Commerce.

I am working now to raise funds to cover transportation costs as I am asked to drive further and further each time.¬† This is making my life interesting as I am currently a full time student and work 22 hours a week – flexibility is key.¬† I love speaking and the best part is hearing the feedback afterwards…knowing that thinking has changed.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, ideas, or organizations who should be contacted by me….be safe-

– Ben

UPDATE 10/13/2016 :

I am in contact with Illinois State Senator Tom Cullerton and State Representative Deb Conroy to speak about how we can improve awareness of the growing problem of distracted driving in our state.  I have also been speaking with the Mayor of Villa Park to get an ear in Springfield.  I am contacting local Rotary Clubs and working to contact Chambers of Commerce.

Speaking with students is one of my big initiatives – I am looking for contacts in public schools / driver’s education programs.¬†¬† If you know someone in one of these areas – please email me at: ben@benpohlspeaks.com

Businesses are also on my radar.  I speak to company employees as if they drive distracted and cause an accident, then the companies are liable for damages.  I present to employees and work in collaboration with their safety / training departments.

Any ideas on other organizations to contact?  Leave a comment or email me with the contact information of someone I should contact to help spread awareness of the dangers of distracted driving!

The ball is now rolling!!!

– Ben


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  1. Excellent presentation at the Roselle Lions Club meeting tonight by Ben!

    We can’t hear about this enough when hopefully it will register that it just doesn’t apply to the “other guy.”

    Ben points out that not only phones distract, but other more common distractions can prevent us from being more mindful regarding our driving. It was a very valuable talk he gave!

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