College of DuPage Newspaper Articles – Ben Pohl : Automotive Tech Student

There was a great article in the College of DuPage school newspaper today.  There were some difficulties getting ahold of the right people at the school but after that – everything went seamlessly…

The one thing that I saw missing from the article dealt with my current situation.  I had received my graduate degree from NIU several years ago and worked in the field.  Many people in society connect happiness with the level of education one has…..totally disagree.  Although I had this, I am currently going back to pursue a passion of mine to work on cars.  I will receive a certificate after my two year education and then take my certifications to become a automotive service technician.  I have so many opinions on happiness in life and how the achieve it…

Here is the link to the two articles:

Ben Pohl: car crash survivor, motivational speaker, automotive student


– Ben

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