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  1. Ben presented for an event with my sorority and he was so great! Even though the event was via zoom he was still very heartfelt and sincere and we all enjoyed him so much. He speaks about his story with so much passion and emotion and it was inevitable to not give him your undivided attention. All in all he is a great man and speaker and I will work with him again.

  2. Recently Ben spoke to our Reality Illinois Teen leaders/the DuPage County Advisory Council. It was easy to observe the impact on our students. Ben’s passion and sincerity drives his important message. He left our group changed. His message is one we all need to hear. This young man is making a difference.

  3. I saw Ben’s presentation at the October 24, 2019 PechaKucha in Batavia, IL and I was very touched.

    I think it’s amazing what Ben has done with his life using the tragedy that happened to him in the most positive way possible, rather than go completely south with it and just crumble away.

    I admire people like Ben with strong character and a passion for positive purpose in the world.

    It takes a unique blend of humility and will to have overcome what he has, to be where he is today, and to continue making the conscious choice to speak his truth for the sole purpose of doing what he can to help others avoid the pain he has suffered.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, Ben! You’re one of the shining lights in the world that we absolutely need more of right now.

    I hope that the thought of how many accidents your words have prevented or how many lives you have saved gives you comfort and offers meaning to your experience.

    Blessings! ❤

  4. Ben recently spoke at Batavia PechaKucha and made a huge impact on the audience. His presentation was very emotional, enlightening, moving, and powerful. I truly believe Ben telling his story will bring awareness to distracted driving and save lives. I think this is especially important for new drivers such as high school students who will see what the consequences that just a few short seconds of looking at your phone can be. Thank you Ben for sharing your story and making a difference in the world. You are a remarkable person.

  5. Ben Pohl spoke to the Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club about distracted driving with great conviction because he has experienced it in real life. The statistics he shares are eyeopening, and his enthusiasm for getting the message across are real. Good presentation, nice personality, and a good program for any group and any age audience.

  6. Ben recently spoke at our Gilbane building safety day. I’ve had several responses since remarking on how powerful the presentation was and the impact it has made on people. Being in the building trades we often focus on construction safety. Ben’s presentation really hit home as it is something we are all effected by in our daily lives. I’m grateful Ben has taken the time to share his story and made this topic a passion of his. Best wishes for your future Ben!

  7. I am honestly astounded by Ben’s speech about distracted driving not only because he survived but because it truly makes you think about the value of a life. My family members have had mini crashes before, such as hitting a mail box or bumping into another car, but i can only imagine if they had experienced something catastrophic as Ben. I can guarantee that they wouldn’t be here today. Take a moment to think about it, I mean really. Its not worth it because your life is priceless along with the lives of others!

  8. I have scheduled speakers for the Kiwanis Club of Aurora for three years and I must say that Ben kept everyone’s attention better than most programs! He has a way of engaging people from the very beginning. He asks important questions and isn’t afraid to make people a little bit uncomfortable as they think about their own driving habits. Everyone has a purpose in life… Ben has really discovered his and it’s so nice to see him giving back after his horrendous accident. Thanks, Ben!

  9. I would highly recommend that you host Ben as one of your next speakers. His presentation was educational, informational and well received by the Kiwanis Club of La Grange members. Thanks a million, Ben.

  10. Ben’s presentation to the Kiwanis Club of Naperville was informative and inspirational. His message about distracted driving made us all think about the times we have driven with our focus on things other than the road ahead. Everyone who gets behind the wheel should hear Ben’s story of the consequences of a moment of distraction.

  11. Ben presented to The Rotary Club of Naperville and delivered an important , compelling message. I highly recommend his presentation, delivered with sincerity, passion, and dedication to serve others and create awareness around this issue of distracted driving. I applaud Ben for having found his purpose and acting upon it to help others. What a great choice for a speaker!

  12. Ben joined us for our Dawnbreaker breakfast meeting and gave an extremely powerful and lasting presentation. He was prepared, personal, and engaging. We all needed this reminder and Ben is on a mission to spread his message! I would highly recommend him for any sort of school or community organization.

  13. Ben presented at our District 1F Lions Convention this past weekend. I cannot say enough about him. We were a room full of Leos and Lions ranging from 16-85 years old. Distracted driving affects us all and Ben’s open, candor presentation about what happened to him and what could happen to anyone who takes their eyes off the road for even a split second, is eye opening. He is very engaging, personable and very relatable. He took time to answer questions during the presentation and stayed after to answer questions others had. Ben would be a great speaker for any organization wishing to learn more about distracted driving, prevent distracted driving or just learn more about the subject and be aware.

  14. Ben’s message on distracted driving is right on target. Unfortunately, firefighters and paramedics see the devastation that can happen when drivers are distracted. To me, Ben’s message was so simple; your life can change in a split second and that was the last thing you ever wanted to happen to you or anyone else.

    I think about what Ben said during his presentation – I wish everyday I could take back that moment in time. I then stop and consider how many times I have been distracted and I realize how fortunate i have been.

    Thanks for sharing a difficult and tragic story in order to raise awareness to the rest of us Ben.

  15. At Wheaton Warrenville South we offer a class called Responding to Emergencies, and although the curriculum is without a doubt valuable Ben brings to the floor a realness to the consequences of distracted driving. The consequences are heard in his voice and seen in his gate and balance – He is an inspiration in his recovery but a reminder of the reality. We appreciate Ben and his personal story as it brings simply words on a page to life in hopes that it changes the behavior of those fortunate to have listened.

  16. Our Lions Club of Elk Grove Village had the pleasure of hosting Ben Pohl at our recent meeting. He was engaging and poignant, yet he drilled down to the basic point: Distracted driving Kills/Maims/Ruins/Destroys. I believe our Lions got the message. I think this message is relevant not only to students, but to people in all walks of life, of all ages. He stressed that our lives could change in the blink of an eye, the span of a football field, or the distraction of one moment. I would recommend Ben Pohl as a speaker, but also as a passionate crusader for awareness of distracted diving.

  17. Ben spoke at our Elmhurst Jaycee Individual Development program. He was personal and entertaining, making a difficult topic educational and impactful. Our members continued the discussion long after he was gone. We would definitely recommend him to other local organizations and school programs.

  18. Ben recently made a presentation to our Rotary Club, and the response from the members was very sobering, and well received. It bought home how quickly a distraction can cause an accident. His personal tragedy made it even more meaningful. I will recommend him to our local school district.

  19. Ben gave a great presentation at our Kiwanis Club breakfast meeting. Provided all with insight in the dangers of distracted driving as well as how quickly you can be distracted. Great insights! Thanks Ben

  20. Recently Ben presented his message at the Villa Park Kiwanis Club. Ben’s message was very touching and true. As a person who experienced an accident (severe) as he was distracted while driving, his message touched your Heart. I felt his message impacted every member of our group that day and would hope that it impacts everyone he speaks to. I see many drivers on a daily basis texting, putting on make-up eating their breakfast or lunch, etc. all while driving. These are all driving distractions and may cause one to get into an accident. I hope Ben continues his message and speaking engagements as his message should impact the listener(s). Great Job…..Keep it up.

  21. Ben is a wonderful person, with an insightful and eye-opening presentation that really brings to light the issue of distracted driving. His presentation at our Rotary club was an excellent reminder that we, too often, find ourselves too preoccupied with our lives and ourselves while we drive – when our sole focus should be on the great privilege of operating motor vehicles.

    Ben was a joy to have at our meeting, and full of witty banter & deeply-affecting stories and statistics.

    I would highly recommend having him speak at any other Rotary club, school, or other group meeting.

    Not only did I leave educated, but I feel I have made a friend, as well.

    The Rotary Club of Arlington Heights, Sunset thanks you – Ben Pohl – for your powerful message, and reminder that we all need to take a second and think about the awesome responsibility that we have on the road.

  22. Ben, you gave a most important message to our Rotary Club this morning. Thank you. Just a few weeks ago, I witnessed a minor fender bender that I am certain was caused by a woman texting or otherwise using her phone. Fortunately traffic was moving slowly and it was not more serious. I drove over 100 miles today with my phone not leaving my pocket. Let’s hope I can continue. Thanks again, and best wishes.

  23. Ben doesn’t speak – he makes an impact! He gets his message across in many different ways – statistics, visuals, stories, humor, and despair. Everything he speaks about makes you re-evaluate your own actions and how they could impact someone else or your loved ones. Its funny how the moment I got in my car, 10 minutes in I received a call and instinctively reached for my phone despite what he just spoke about. I realized it is such a deep engrained action for us because we don’t want to miss out on something, and cant wait till we aren’t behind the wheel of a potentially dangerous weapon. I’m changing the way I respond to distractions behind the wheel – I may never know it, but its possible Ben may have saved my life or the life of another. All I know is that everyone needs to hear his message. Its impactful and convincing. We just need to start following it.

  24. I knew Ben in high school, when I found out he was speaking to students about his accident, I knew I had to bring him to our school. As a mother and a teacher it is heartbreaking to think about what could happen in a split second to any one of those kids. I think the more we can drill this powerful message into their brains, the more likely they are to get it, or believe that it COULD happen to them! Thank you Ben, it was great seeing you again! Renee Allison

  25. We recently had Ben come and speak to our 225 Driver Education students. His presentation was emotional and provided opportunities for the students to reflect on their own behaviors behind the wheel. We have no doubt Ben’s words changed some behaviors. He is an inspiration and his willingness to give back to the community using his tragic experience is courageous.

  26. Ben came to Kaneland Highschool yesterday and inspired me to think before I act. His story was sad and tragic but he still found a way to turn a positive into a negative. His incident was very tragic but it made him see the world in a totally new perspective. To anyone else inspired by Ben Pohl look around you and you will see that you are living a life of luxury compared to everyone else, don’t take everything you have for granted because if you make the wrong choices/decisions everything you have now can be gone in a matter of seconds. If you think before you act dreams can become reality,goals can be reached,and obstacles can be conquered. So whatever you do think first.

  27. Ben spoke at our Rotary Club this morning. He really makes you think about putting the phone down and driving. It really isn’t just texting and driving. Talking and driving, talking to your kids in the back seat, your friends in the car, looking at people and houses while driving on busy roads. The biggest thing he said was that my kids will do what I do. If they see me driving and texting or chatting, they will think it is okay. If something happened to them beacuse of my bad example, I would never be able to forgive myself. Thanks Ben for coming this morning.

  28. Ben is a wonderful, engaging speaker. His presentation is personal and spot on. Every teen driver should hear him (as well as all drivers!) When I get behind the wheel now – I think of Ben and his story!

    Rotary Club of Northbrook was the host – but if you have a club or group I hope you will consider having him share this critical message of distracted driving.

  29. Ben addressed the Rotary Club of Northbrook on the danger caused by distracted drivers. His back-story was very powerful and resulted in most of us reflecting on habits we need to break. If you get a chance, refer Ben to groups looking for a great program.

  30. Thanks, Ben for sharing your personal story with our high school youth group. I’m sure it is a story they will not soon forget. Your powerful message is a wake up call to remind us all of the many distractions around us while driving. After you left, several of the youth were asking more questions which means you really got them thinking.

    On a personal note, your pictures brought back memories of when we came to the hospital to see you after the accident. God has used you and this tragedy to remind us all how precious life is.

    You are an amazing young man and truly one of West Liberty’s success stories!

  31. As an auto insurance agent in Chicago, Ben’s presentation really hit home.

    His story is an excellent reminder of how important it is to stay focused while driving. Car maker’s attempt to integrate advanced technology into automobiles can often times lead to distracted driving. I look forward to using Ben’s story in conversations with my customers to encourage safe driving habits. Thank you Ben!

  32. You are an amazing young man and I am very glad to have met you today at our Algonquin Rotary meeting. I will not forget you or your story.
    Your presentation was outstanding, heartfelt, persuasive and very well done!
    You gave us all an eye opening wake up call, reminding us that our thoughtless actions do not happen in a vacuum and may have a devastating effect on others if we don’t stop our distracted driving! Thank you, thank you! Did you notice you could hear a pin drop from our members! Powerful stuff!
    Thank you again for sharing an amazing story with such a positive ending!

  33. We had the pleasure of having Ben speak to us at Rotary One this week. Our members enjoyed his presentation and many commented on the importance of his message. Ben was very cordial and engaging to the audience. Thanks for sharing your story with us and please keep making a difference in our community.

  34. Ben gave a presentation at a UPS Safety Summit. His personal story as it relates to the epidemic of distracted driving is honest and eye opening. I would recommend him to speak to groups of all ages as he has a message we can all learn from.

  35. Ben’s presentation to the Skokie Valley Rotary Club was excellent. He is an engaging, talented speaker with a very important message. If you have the opportunity to hear his presentation, you should! His talk is particularly appropriate for young drivers.

  36. Ben is a passionate speaker and delivers a very powerful message about the risks associated with being a distracted driver. His personal story will move you and change the way you think about how you drive. Distracted driving is a major issue in today’s society and something needs to be done to make it a more serious offense. I’m confident that Ben’s mission will do this after hearing him speak. I feel every high school student and parent should hear him speak and take note of what he says. Thanks Ben for all that you’re doing to save the lives of others.

  37. I’m a mother of a teen driver and Ben’s presentation at my Rotary club in January was deeply thought-provoking. It was a really engaging talk and he was also able to share some of the activities he uses to engage young people when he speaks at schools. For example, having teens pull up their last text and ask if it would be worth a terrible accident to send it. I hope his message gets out and I know that it really made me re-examine my own distracted driving. I now let my kids fine me $2 if they find me being careless on the road!
    Thanks Ben, keep moving forward.
    Jennifer Brennan

  38. Ben is an intuitive and engaging speaker. I am sorry he has gone through what he did but I feel it’s amazing that he has “turned it to good” by speaking out and educating us all on the consequences of driving while distracted. Our Rotary Club was pleased to have him as a guest speaker today and would highly recommend his speaking services (and message) to any age group.

  39. Ben’s presentation to our Rotary club was a great reminder for all of us. We know texting and driving is dangerous but there are other distractions as well. Ben’s personal story had a big impact on our members and I’m sure it resulted in some altered driving behaviors. He’s an engaging speaker with a powerful story that is a good one for everyone, young and older, to hear.

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